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Westport Lake

The main lake at Westport Lake is the largest body of water in the city. The site also has a smaller lake for model boaters, a woodland conservation area with small pools and a wildflower meadow. Westport Lake is well known for its water birds and is popular with walkers and anglers. The site was designated a Local Nature Reserve in July 2004.

Recently Westport Lake has seen major improvements. We've installed a children’s play area, resurfaced the car park and created pathways with funding from the ‘Greening for Growth’ programme.

Further improvements include a brand new state of the art Visitor Centre. The centre, built by British Waterways, is leased by Staffordshire Wildlife Trust and boasts a cafe, educational classroom, meeting and conference facilities and toilets. The cafe opens from 10am daily throughout the year closed at 4pm in winter and 5 or 5.30pm in summer. 

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