10 fun ways ParkLives is keeping families busy this summer

August 25th 2016

10 fun ways ParkLives is keeping families busy this summer

Alleviating school-holiday boredom can be tricky and expensive, especially if it doesn’t involve a TV or a computer. Fortunately, ParkLives has lots of fun outdoor activities happening in parks all across the UK, and best of all, they’re completely free!

Here are 10 fun ways ParkLives from Coca-Cola GB is helping families to keep busy during the school holidays.


1. Family Fun Days

ParkLives runs mini-festival days across the country – these are great opportunities to get the kids off the sofa and out in the fresh air to play some games and have fun. 

Roof East near Stratford in London, an urban rooftop park, was the venue for one of this year’s ParkLives mini-festivals – and a perfect example of what’s on offer. 

Families here enjoyed outwitting each other on the giant chess board, brushed up on their skateboard and biking skills, as well as getting competitive with super dominoes and rooftop tennis.

“We try to offer a wide range of activities so the whole family can join in together or do things separately if they want to,” says Claire Gregory who runs one such festival in Manchester. “So far this week we have had around 500 participants. The feedback from families has been excellent.”

2. KTroo Bounce

If you’re near the London Borough of Newham, jump in on the action and try the amazing KTroo Bounce which is suitable for all ages and levels of fitness.

Wearing springy ‘kangaroo’ boots you jump, hop and dance along to musical routines. Once you’ve managed to get your balance, it’s a bouncy, fun way to let loose and have a giggle. 

3. High Ropes

Fancy a go at swinging between the trees like Tarzan? Explore the high ropes session in Nottingham and take on exhilarating obstacles such as ladders, walkways, bridges and tunnels. Fantastic fun for all the family!

4. Family tennis

Enjoyed watching the tennis at the Olympics and fancy picking up a racquet but don’t know where or how to start? There could be a ParkLives family tennis session near you. You’ll learn new skills as you play together and complete beginners are welcome.

Our friendly session leaders will show you the fundamentals of a proper serve, the importance of good footwork and the components of a perfect volley. You’ll be an ace before you know it!

5. Space hopper jousting

There’s a petition to bring back international jousting, so why not get some practice in and hop along to one of the space hopper jousting sessions? 

Run as part of ParkLives with StreetGames initiative, this is a hilarious take on the classic tournaments of medieval knights, as families mount their hoppers in an attempt to defeat their opponent with a foam lance… Even if you manage to hang tight and avoid a jousting, we bet you still fall off your hoppers laughing.

6. Teddy bears’ picnic

Pack a lunch, take a blanket, and make sure the little ones don’t forget their favourite cuddly toys, as the Teddy Bears’ picnics in Manchester are the place to be on sunny days. 

There are lots of giant garden games, like Connect 4 or Jenga, and the rangers take younger family members and their teddies on other park adventures too, including crafts, walks and storytelling. 

7. Buggy walking group

New mums are getting involved in the fun with buggy-friendly ParkLives sessions. 

If you enjoy a leisurely stroll and a natter, then the Active Push buggy walking session might be for you: “Active Push is a perfect way to meet other mums,” says one attendee in Newcastle. “The sessions are fun and you are really encouraged to get a good workout. Working out in the park also means you get plenty of fresh air which is great for both mums and babies.”

Looking to step it up a gear? Maybe you’ve got what it takes to try Buggy Boot Camp – a fun way to push you (and the little one) that bit further. Emma Walker runs sessions at Platt Fields Park in Manchester. She says: “We’ve been seeing the progress in fitness of my mummy clients at Buggy Boot Camp and we've been watching the baby goslings on our pond grow up each week too!”


8. Family roller skating

Do you and the family enjoy life in the fast lane? Why not get your skates on at one of the ParkLives roller-skating sessions in Newham? 

If you’re feeling less than brave, hold hands as you take to skates as a team. It’s great for balance and confidence and one for all ages to have a go at. 

9. Circus skills 

Be bold and channel your inner acrobat as you learn the skill of wire walking or aerial performance. If you’re not feeling quite that daring, you can still enjoy learning to juggle, hula hoop or even spin plates. 

Birmingham’s circus skills sessions are split into mini-workshops where you try a range of circus tricks and pick up performance tips - then decide which ones are your favourites. 

Who knows, you might find you’ve got a natural performer in the family…  


10. Karate and self defence

Just because school’s out, doesn’t mean learning has to stop. You can pick up some new and useful skills with an introduction to martial arts – and have a lot of fun while doing it.

Chris Blenman, Senior Instructor at Elitez Karate Academy, takes sessions in East London. He says: “Our aim with ParkLives is to introduce martial arts to as many people and age groups as possible. And for them to see how much fun it is, as well as great fitness for the mind and body.”

To find out more about the free daily sessions in any of the 10 ParkLives cities, use our FREE ACTIVITY FINDER.

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