Skate, Scooter & Frisbee Golf Activities

March 7th 2018

Swansea ParkLives are excited to offer skate, scooter and frisbee golf activities in local parks across the County.

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Get out there guys!

August 1st 2017

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ParkLives goes to Parliament!

September 20th 2016

ParkLives hosted a special session outside the Houses of Parliament with MPs to celebrate National Fitness Day.

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Discover what you can do with ParkLives

August 31st 2016

Discover some of the fun, free, family-friendly activities you can do this year with ParkLives - from skating to zumba, archery, yoga and open water swimming!

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Did you know?

  • All parklives activities are free
  • It's open to everyone
  • You'll meet loads of people
  • And have bags of fun!
  • Ready to get involved?

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